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  • Rossman, A.Y.; Palm-Hernandez, M.E. Systematics of Plant Pathogenic fungi: Why it matters. [pertains to Phytophthora and Moniliophthora]. Plant Disease, vol. 92, p.1376-1386, 2008.

  • Pinto de Carvalho, G.G.; Garcia, R.; Vieira, P.A.J.; Detmann, E.; Pereira, O.; Gomes, P. F. F.E. Ruminal degradation of silage of elephantgrass wilted or with different levels of cocoa meal. Degradacao ruminal de silagem de capim-elefante emurchecido ou com diferentes niveis de farelo de cacao. Revista Brasileira de Zootecnia, vol. 37, p. 1347-1354, 2008.

  • Pang, J. T-Y.; Lockwood, G. A re-interpretation of hybrid vigour in cocoa. Experimental Agriculture, vol. 44, p. 329-338, 2008.

  • Oluwaseun, A. A.; Ganiyu, O. Antioxidant properties of methanolic extracts of mistletoes ( Viscum album ) from cocoa and cashew trees in Nigeria. African Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 7, p. 3138-3142, 2008.

  • Motamayor, J.C.; Lachenaud, P.; Wallace da Silva e Mota, J.; Loor, R.; Kuhn, D.N.; Brown, S.B.; Schnell, R.J. Geographic and genetic population differentiation of the Amazonian chocolate tree (Theobroma cacao L). Plos One, , vol. 3 (10), p. 1-8, 2008.

  • Motilal, L. A.; Zhang, D.; Umaharan, P.; Mischke, S.; Boccara, M.; Pinney Stephen. Increasing accuracy and throughput in large-scale microsatellite fingerprinting of cacao field germplasm collections. Tropical Plant Biology, DOI 10.1007/s12042-008-9016-z, 2008.

  • Martin, M.A.; Ramos, S.; Mateos, R.; Granado Serrano, A.; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Bravo, L.; Goya, L. Protection of human HepG2 cells against oxidative stress by cocoa phenolic extract. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, vol.56, p. 7765-72, 2008.

  • Leal, J. B.; Santos, L. M. dos; Santos, C. A. P. dos; Pires, J. L.; Ahnert, D.; Correa, R. X. Genetic diversity among farm and germplasm bank accessions of cacao in Bahia, Brazil. Diversidade genetica entre acessos de cacau de fazendas e de banco de germoplasma na Bahia. Pesquisa Agropecuaria Brasileira, vol. 43, p. 851-858, 2008.

  • Kilani, A. M.; Oyelade, O.; Adeleke, O. E. Antimicrobial activity of a decoction used by Southwestern Nigeria traditional healers on selected dermatophytes. African Journal of Biotechnology, vol. 6, p. 2529-2531, 2008.

  • Asare, R.; Asare, R.A. A participatory approach for tree diversification in cocoa farms: Ghanaian farmer’s experience. The Sustainable Tree Crops Program, Working Paper Series, Issue 9, 2008, 28 pages.

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