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  • Mejia, L.C.; Rojas, E.I.; Maynard, Z.; Van Bael, S.; Arnold, A.E.; Hebbar, P.; Samuels, G.J.; Robbins, N.; Herre, E.A. Endophytic fungi as biocontrol agents of Theobroma cacao pathogens. Biological Control, vol. 46, p. 4-14, 2008

  • Lopes, F.J.F.; de Queiroz, M.V.; Lima, J.O.; Oliveira, S.V. A.; de Araujo, E. F. Restriction enzyme improves the efficiency of genetic transformations in Moniliophthora perniciosa, the causal agent of witches’ broom disease in Theobroma caca. Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology, vol. 51, p. 27-34, 2008.

  • Lima, L. S.; Gramacho, K. P.; Gesteira, A. S.; Lopes, U. V.; Gaiotto, F. A. Zaidan, H. A.; Pires, J. L.; Cascardo, J. C. M.; Micheli, F. Characterization of microsatellites from cacao-Moniliophthora perniciosa interaction expressed sequence tags. Molecular breeding, vol. 22, p. 315-318, 2008.

  • De Souza, J.T.; Bailey, B.A.; Pomella, A.W.V.; Erbe, E.F.; Murphy, C.A.; Bae, H.; Hebbar, P.K. Colonization of cacao seedlings by Trichoderma stromaticum, a mycoparasite of witches’ broom pathogen, and its influence on plant growth and resistance. Biological Control, vol. 46, p. 36-45, 2008.

  • De Almeida, A.-A.; Valle, R.R. Ecophysiology of the cacao tree. Brazilian Journal of Plant Physiology, vol. 19, p. 425-448, 2007.

  • Brandt, P. The economic significance of coffee, tea, and cocoa – an overview for Germany. Die wirtschaftliche Bedeutung von Kaffee, Tee und Kakao – eine Ubersicht fur Deutschland. Journal fur Verbraucherschutz und Lebensmittelsicherheit, vol. 2, p. 393-398, 2007.

  • Bisseleua, D.H.B.; Vidal, S. Plant biodiversity and vegetation structure in traditional cocoa forest gardens in southern Cameroon under different management. Biodiversity Conservation, vol. 17, p. 1821-1835, 2008.

  • Barazarte, H.; Sangronis, E.; Unai, E. Cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) hulls: a possible commercial source of pectins. La cascara de cacao (Theobroma cacao L.): una posible fuente comercial de pectinas. Archivos Latinoamericanos de Nutricion, vol. 58, p. 64-70, 2008.

  • Backman, P.A.; Sikora, R. Endophytes: An emerging tool for biological control. Biological Control, vol. 46, p. 1-3, 2008.

  • Angeles-Castellanos, M.; Salgado-Delgado, R.; Rodriguez, K.; Buijs, R.; Escobar, C. Expectancy for food or expectancy for chocolate reveals timing systems for metabolism and reward. Neuroscience, vol. 155, p. 297-307, 2008.

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