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  • Krishnamoorthy, C., Rajamani, K. Effect of fertigation through drip and micro sprinkler on plant biometric characters in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.). Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences, vol. 16 (24), p. 1950-1956, 2013.

  • Krauss, U., ten Hoopen, M., Rees, R., Stirrup, T., Argyle, T., George, A., Arroyo, C., Corrales, E. Mycoparasitism by Clonostachys byssicola and Clonostachy rosea on Trichoderma spp. from cocoa (Theobroma cacao) and implication for the design of mixed biocontrol agents. Biological Control, vol. 67 (3), p. 317-327, 2013.

  • Kothe, L., Zimmermann, B.F., Galensa, R. Temperature influences epimerization and composition of flavanols monomers, dimmers and trimers during cocoa bean roasting. Food Chemistry, vol. 141, p. 3656-3663, 2013.

  • Khan, N., Monagas, M., , Andres-Lacueva, C., Casas, R., Urpí-Sardà, M., Lamuela-Raventós, R.M., Estruch, R. Regular consumption of cocoa powder with milk increases HDL cholesterol and reduces oxidized LDL levels in subjects at high-risk of cardiovascular disease. Nutrition Metabolism Cardiovascular Diseases, vol. 22 (12), p. 1046–1053, 2012.

  • Kadow, D., Bohlmann, J., Mora, W.P., Rohn, S., Lieberei, R. Cacao fine aroma components: Identification in two genotypes of the cocoa tree. Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau, vol. 109 (10), p. 515-519, 2013.

  • Isaac, M.E., Anglaaere, L.C.N. An in situ approach to detect tree root ecology: Linking ground-penetrating radar imaging to isotope-derived water acquisition zones. Ecology and Evolution, vol. 3 (5), p. 1330-1339, 2013.

  • Igbinadolor, R.O., Onilude, A.A. Bioprocess systems applied for the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass of cocoa pod husk (Theobroma cacao L.) and other agricultural residues: A review. African J. Biotechnology, vol. 12, p. 5375-5388, 2013.

  • Gallo, M., Vinci. G., Graziani, G., De Simone, C., Ferranti, P. The interaction of cocoa polyphenols with milk proteins studied by proteomic techniques. Food Res. International, vol. 54l, p. 406-415, 2013.

  • Franco, R., Oñatibia-Astibia, A., Martínez-Pinilla, E. Health benefits of methylxanthines in cacao and chocolate. Nutrients, vol. 5 (10), p. 4159-4173, 2013.

  • Fahmid, I.M. Cocoa Farmers Performance at Highland Area in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Asian J. Agriculture Rural Development, vol. 3, p. 360-370, 2013

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