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  • Kothe, L., Zimmermann, B.F., Galensa, R. Temperature influences epimerization and composition of flavanols monomers, dimmers and trimers during cocoa bean roasting. Food Chemistry, vol. 141, p. 3656-3663, 2013.

  • Khan, N., Monagas, M., , Andres-Lacueva, C., Casas, R., Urpí-Sardà, M., Lamuela-Raventós, R.M., Estruch, R. Regular consumption of cocoa powder with milk increases HDL cholesterol and reduces oxidized LDL levels in subjects at high-risk of cardiovascular disease. Nutrition Metabolism Cardiovascular Diseases, vol. 22 (12), p. 1046–1053, 2012.

  • Kadow, D., Bohlmann, J., Mora, W.P., Rohn, S., Lieberei, R. Cacao fine aroma components: Identification in two genotypes of the cocoa tree. Deutsche Lebensmittel-Rundschau, vol. 109 (10), p. 515-519, 2013.

  • Isaac, M.E., Anglaaere, L.C.N. An in situ approach to detect tree root ecology: Linking ground-penetrating radar imaging to isotope-derived water acquisition zones. Ecology and Evolution, vol. 3 (5), p. 1330-1339, 2013.

  • Igbinadolor, R.O., Onilude, A.A. Bioprocess systems applied for the production of bioethanol from lignocellulosic biomass of cocoa pod husk (Theobroma cacao L.) and other agricultural residues: A review. African J. Biotechnology, vol. 12, p. 5375-5388, 2013.

  • Gallo, M., Vinci. G., Graziani, G., De Simone, C., Ferranti, P. The interaction of cocoa polyphenols with milk proteins studied by proteomic techniques. Food Res. International, vol. 54l, p. 406-415, 2013.

  • Franco, R., Oñatibia-Astibia, A., Martínez-Pinilla, E. Health benefits of methylxanthines in cacao and chocolate. Nutrients, vol. 5 (10), p. 4159-4173, 2013.

  • Fahmid, I.M. Cocoa Farmers Performance at Highland Area in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Asian J. Agriculture Rural Development, vol. 3, p. 360-370, 2013

  • Fageria, N.K., Ferreira, E.P.B., Baligar, V.C., Knupp, A.M. Growth of tropical legume cover crops as influenced by nitrogen fertilization and Rhizobia. Comm. Soil Sci. Plant Anal., vol. 44, p. 3103-3119, 2013.

  • Etxeberria, U., Fernández-Quintela, A., Milagro, F.I., Aguirre, L., Martínez, J.A. Portillo, M.P. Impact of polyphenols and polyphenol-rich dietary sources on gut microbiota composition. J. Agricultural Food Chem., vol. 61 (40), p. 9517-9533, 2013

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