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  • Obiri, B. D.; Bright, G. A.; McDonald, M.A.; Anglaaere, L.C.N.; Cobbina, J. Financial analysis of shaded cocoa in Ghana. Agroforestry Systems, vol. 71, p. 139-149, 2007.

  • Granvogl, M.; Schieberle, P. Quantification of 3-aminopropionamide in cocoa, coffee and cereal products : Correlation with acrylamide concentrations determined by an improved clean-up method for complex matrices. European Food Research Technology A, 2007.

  • Djocgoue, P.; Boudjeko, T.; Mbouobda, H.D. ; Nankeu, D.J,; Hadrami, I.; Omokolo, N.D. Heritability of phenols in the resistance of Theobroma cacao against Phytophthora megakarya, the causal agent of black pod disease. Journal of Phytopathology, vol. 155, p. 519-525, 2007

  • Irish, B.M.; Goenaga, R.; Park, S.; Kang, S. First report of Phytophthora palmivora, causal agent of black pod, on cacao in Puerto Rico. Plant Disease, vol. 91, p. 1051, 2007.

  • Tondje, P.R.; Roberts, D.P.; Bon, M.C.; Widmer, T.; Samuels, G.J.; Ismaiel, A.; Begoude, A.D.; Tchana, T.; Nyemb-Tshomb, E.; Ndoumbe-Nkeng, M.; Bateman, R.; Fontem, D.; Hebbar, K.P. Isolation and identificationof mycoparasitic isolates of Trichoderma Asperellum with potential for suppression of black pod disease of cacao in Cameroon. Biological Control, vol. 43, p. 202-212, 2007.

  • Ceita, G.; Macedo, J. N. A.; Santos, T. B.; Alemanno, L.; Gesteira, A.; Micheli, F.; Mariano, A.C.; Gramacho, K.P.; Silva, D.; Meinhardt, L.; Mazzafera, P.; Pereira, G.A.G.; Cascardo, J.C. Involvement of calcium oxalate degradation during programmed cell death in Theobroma cacao tissues triggered by the hemibiotrophic fungus Moniliophthora pemiciosa. Plant Science (Oxford), vol.173, p. 106-117, 2007.

  • Dorman, E.N.A.; van Huis, A.; Leeuwis, C. Effectiveness and profitability of integrated pest management for improving yield on smallholder cocoa farms in Ghana. International Journal Tropical Insect Science, vol. 27, p. 27-39.

  • Santos, R.M.G.; Lopes, U.V.; Bahia, R. deC., Machado, R.C.R.; Ahnert, D.; Correa, R.X. Marcadores microssatelites relacionados com a resistencia a vassoura-de-bruxa do cacaueiro. [English Abstract: Microsatellite markers related to resistance of cocoa tree against witches’-broom]. Pesq. Agropec. Bras. Brasilia, vol. 42, p. 1137-1142,2007.

  • Sporn, S.G.; Bos, M.M.; Gradstein, S. R. Is productivity of cacao impeded by epiphytes? An experimental approach. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, vol.112, p. 490-493, 2007.

  • Matsui, A.; Yin, Y.; Yamanaka, K.; Iwasaki, M.; Ashihara, H. Metabolic fate of nicotinamide in higher plants. Physiologia Plantarum, vol. 131, p. 191-200, 2007.

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