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  • Kessler, M.; Kessler, P. J. A.; Gradstein, S. R.; Bach, K.; Schmull, M.; Pitopang, R. Tree diversity primary forest and different land use systems in Central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Biodiversity and Conservation, vol. 14, P. 547-560, 2005.

  • Nielsen, D. S.; Teniola, O.D.; Ban-Koffi, L.; Owusu, M.; Andersson, T.S.; Holzapfel, W.H. The microbiology of Ghanaian cocoa fermentations analysed using culture-dependent and culture-independent methods. International J.Food Microbiology, vol. 114, p. 168-186, 2007.

  • Kufer, J.; Grube, N.; Heinrich, M. Cacao in Eastern Guatemala – a sacred tree with ecological significance. Environment Development and Sustainability, vol. 8, p. 59-608, 2006.

  • Faria, D.; Baumgarten, J. Shade cacao plantations (Theobroma cacao) and bat conservation in southern Bahia, Brazil. Biodiversity and conservation, vol. 16, p. 291-312, 2007.

  • Lagunes-Galvez, S.; Loiseau, G.; Paredes, J.L.; Barel, M.; Guiraud, J.P. Study on the microflora and biochemistry of cocoa fermentation in the Dominican Republic. International Journal of Food Microbiology, vol. 114, p. 124-130, 2007.

  • Young, A.; Severson, D.W. Comparative analysis of steam distilled floral oils of cacao cultivars (Theobroma cacao L., Sterculiaceae) as attractants to flying insects: Implications for a Theobroma pollination syndrome. J. Chemical Ecology, 1994, vol. 20, p. 2687-2703.

  • Garcia-Alamilla, P.; Salgado-Cervantes, M. A.; Barel, M.; Berthomieu, G.; Rodriguez-Jimenes, G.C.; Garcia-Alvarado, M. A. Moisture, acidity and temperature evolution during cacao drying. J. Food Engineering, 2007, vol. 79, p.1159-1165.

  • Eskes, A.B. Efron, Y. (eds.) Final report of the CFC/ICCO/IPGRI project on “Cocoa GermplasmUtilization and Conservation: a Global Approach.” CFC Technical Paper No. 50; ISBN-13: 978-92-9043-734-5, 224 pages with 25 contributed articles

  • Camu, N.; De Winter, T.; Verbrugghe, K.; Cleenwerck, I.; Vandamme, P.; Takrama, J.S.; Vancanneyt, M.; De Vuyst, L. Dynamics and biodiversity of populations of lactic acid bacteria and acetic acid bacteria involved in spontaneous heap fermentation of cocoa beans in Ghana. Applied and Environmental Microbiology, vol. 73, p. 1809-1824, 2007.

  • Park, J.B. Caffedymine from Cocoa Has COX Inhibitory Activity Suppressing the Expression of a Platelet Activation Marker, P-Selectin. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry, vol. 5, p. 2171-2175, 2007.

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