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  • Kilowasid, L.M.H., Syamsudin, T.S., Susilo, F.X., Sulistyawati, E. Ecological Diversity of Soil Fauna as Ecosystem Engineers in Small-Holder Cocoa Plantation in South Konawe. Jurnal Tanah Tropika, vol. 17p. 173-180, 2012.

  • Khan, N., Monagas, M., Andres-Lacueva, C., Casas, R., Urpí-Sardà, M., Lamuela-Raventós, R.M., Estruch, R. Regular consumption of cocoa powder with milk increases HDL cholesterol and reduces oxidized LDL levels in subjects at high-risk of cardiovascular disease. Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases, 22 (12), pp. 1046-1053, 2012.

  • Kessler, M., Hertel, D., Jungkunst, H.F., Kluge, J., Abrahamczyk, S., Bos, M., Buchori, D., Gerold, G., Gradstein, S.R., Köhler, S., Leuschner, C., Moser, G., Pitopang, R., Saleh, S. Schulze, C.H., Sporn, S.G., Steffan-Dewenter, I., Tjitrosoedirdjo, S.S., Tscharntke, T. Can Joint Carbon and Biodiversity Management in Tropical Agroforestry Landscapes Be Optimized? PLoS ONE, 7 (10), art. no. e47192, 2012.

  • Kay, C.D., Hooper, L., Kroon, P.A., Rimm, E.B., Cassidy, A. Relative impact of flavonoid composition, dose and structure on vascular function: A systematic review of randomised controlled trials of flavonoid-rich food products. Molecular Nutrition Food Research, doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201200363, 2012. [Epub ahead of print].

  • Jose, S., Bardhan, S. Agroforestry for biomass production and carbon sequestration: An overview. Agroforestry Systems, 86 (2), p. 105-111, 2012.

  • Jagoret, P., Michel-Dounias, I., Snoeck, D., Ngnogué, H.T., Malézieux, E. Afforestation of savannah with cocoa agroforestry systems: A small-farmer innovation in central Cameroon. Agroforestry Systems, 86 (3), p. 493-504, 2012.

  • Hamelin, C., Sempere, G., Jouffe, V., Ruiz, M. TropgeneDB, the multi-tropical crop information system updated and extended. Nucleic Acids Research, 1-4, doi 10.1093/nar/gke1105, 2012.

  • Gockowski, J., Sonwa, D. Cocoa intensification scenarios and their predicted impact on CO2 emissions, biodiversity conservation, and rural livelihoods in the Guinea rain forest of West Africa. Environmental management, vol. 48 no.2 p.307-321, 2011.

  • Flammer, A.J., Sudano, I., Wolfrum, M., Thomas, R., Enseleit, F., Périat, D., Kaiser, P., Hirt, A., Hermann, M., Serafini, M., Lévêques, A., Lüscher, T.F., Ruschitzka, F., Noll, G., Corti, R. Cardiovascular effects of flavanol-rich chocolate in patients with heart failure. European Heart Journal, vol. 33 (17), p. 2172-2180, 2012.

  • Farah, D.M.H., Zaibunnisa, A.H., Misnawib. Optimization of cocoa beans roasting process using response surface methodology based on concentration of pyrazine and acrylamide. International Food Research Journal, 19 (4), p. 1355-1359, 2012.

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