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  • Grassi, D., Necozione, S., Lippi, C., Croce, G., Valeri, L., Pasqualetti, P., Desideri, G., Blumberg, J.B., Ferri, C. Cocoa Reduces Blood Pressure and Insulin Resistance and Improves Endothelium-Dependent Vasodilation in Hypertensives. Hypertension, vol. 46, p., 398-405, 2005.

  • Franco, G.B., Betim, L.S., Marques, E.A.G., Gomes, R.L., Da Silva Chagas, C. Relationship water quality and environmental fragility of Almada River Watershed, Bahia, Brazil [Relação qualidade da água e fragilidade ambiental da Bacia do Rio Almada, Bahia]. Revista Brasileira de Geociencias, 42 (SUPPL.1), pp. 114-127, 2012.

  • Ebewore, S.O., Egho, E.O., Enujeke, E.C. Effect of Farmer Field School Training on the Management of Cocoa Marids (Saghbergella singularis) by Famers in Edo State Nigeria. Asian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, vol. 5 (1), p. 6-10, 2013.

  • Dormon, E.N.A., Van Huis, A., Leeuwis, C., Obeng-Ofori, D., Sakyi-Dawson, O. Causes of low productivity of cocoa in Ghana: Farmers’ perspectives and insights from research and the socio-political establishment. NJAS – Wageningen Journal of Life Sciences, 52 (3-4), pp. 237-259, 2004.

  • Da Hora Junior, B.T.; Lopes, M.A.; Dias, C.V.; Cascardo, J.C.D.M.; Gesteira, A.D.S.; Micheli, F.; Poloni, J.D.F.; Bonatto, D.; Gramacho, K.P.; Schuster, I.; Sabau, X.; Mauro, S.M.Z.D. Transcriptomics and systems biology analysis in identification of specific pathways involved in cacao resistance and susceptibility to witches’ broom disease. Molecular Biosystems, vol. 8 (5), p. 1507-1519, 2012.

  • Coulibaly, A.; Biego, G.H.; Dembele, A.; Bohoussou, K.M.; Toure, A. Cocoa beans and cocoa derivatives from Cote-D’Ivoire: investigating ochratoxin A level and assessing dietary intake adults. Sustainable Agric. Res., vol. 2 (1), p. 173-180, 2013.

  • Cordero-Herrera, I., Martín, M.A., Bravo, L., Goya, L., Ramos, S. Cocoa flavonoids improve insulin signalling and modulate glucose production via AKT and AMPK in HepG2 cells. Mol. Nutr. Food Res., doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201200500, 2013. [Epub ahead of print].

  • Bitzer, V. Partnering for change in chains: The capacity of partnerships to promote sustainable change in global agrifood chains. International Food Agribusiness Management Review, vol. 15, p. 13-38, 2012.

  • Berlan, A. Social Sustainability in Agriculture: An Anthropological Perspective on Child Labour in Cocoa Production in Ghana. Manchester Papers in Political Economy, University of Manchester, ISSN 1756-0837, 2011.

  • Balogun, O.L.; Obi-Egbedi, O. Resource use efficiency and productivity of cocoa farmers in Idanre LGA of Ondo state, Nigeria. American Journal Social Management Sciences, vol. 3 (2), p. 60-67, 2012.

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