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  • Osman, H.; Nasarudin, R.; Lee, S.L Extracts of cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) leaves and their antioxidation potential. Food chemistry vol. 86, p. 41-46. 2004.

  • Lachenaud, Ph.; Oliver, G. Variability and selection for morphological bean traits in wild cocoa trees (Theobroma cacao L.) from French Guiana . Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, vol. 52, p. 225-231. 2005.

  • Leiter, J.; Harding, S.Trinidad, Brazil, and Ghana: three melting moments in the history of cocoa. Jour. Rural Studies, vol. 20 p. 113-110. Three-time decline of cocoa production

  • Thevenin, J. -M.; Umaharan, R.; Surujdeo-Maharaj; Latchman, B.; Cilas, C.; Butler, D.R. Relationships between black pod and witches’ broom in Theobroma cacao. Phytopathology 95:1301-1307. 2005. Resistance of cacao in the field

  • Edwin , J.; Masters, W. A.Genetic improvement and cocoa yields in Ghana. Experimental Agriculture, vol. 41, p. 491-503. 2005. Breeding and use of fertilizer.

  • Maximova, S.N.; Marelli, J.-P.; Young, A.; Pishak, S.; Verica, J.A.; Guiltinan, M.J. Over-expression of a cacao class I chitinase in Theobroma cacao L. enhances resistance against the pathogen, Colletotrichum gloeosporiodes. Planta vol. 223, No.2 2005 ISSN:0032-0935.

  • Schroeter, H.; Heiss, C.; Balzar, J.; Kleinbongard, P.; Keen, C.L.; Hollenberg, N.K.; Slies, H.; Kwik-Uribe, C.; Schmitz, H.H.; Kelm, M. (–)-Epicatechin mediates beneficial effects of flavanol-rich cocoa on vascular function in humans. Proceedings Nat. Acad. Sci., vol. 103, p. 1024-1029. 2006.

  • Paciencia, Mateus Luis Barradas,; Prado, Jefferson.Effects of forest fragmentation on pteridophyte diversity in a tropical rain forest in Brazil. Plant Ecology, vol. 180, p 87-104. Forest fragmentation and pteridophyte communities of the Una region of Bahia, Brazil.

  • Bliss, R.M. Plant compounds inhibit blood clotting. Agricultural Research Magazine. January 2006. Natural compounds in pepper, wolfberry and cocoa inhibit blood platelet stickiness.

  • Finkelman, S.; Navarro, S.; Rindner, M.; Dias, R.Effect of low pressure on the survival of Trogoderma granarium Everts, Lasioderma serricorne (F.) and Oryzaephilus surinamensis (L.) at 30 Degrees C. Agr Res Org, Dept Food Sci, Volcani Ctr, POB 6, IL-50250 Bet Dagan, Israel Israel. Journal of Stored Products Research, vol. 42. p. 23-30. Cocoa storage pest insect

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