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  • Olsson, P.O.C.; Anderbrant, O.; Lofstedt, C . Flight and oviposition behavior of Ephestia cautella and Plodia interpunctella in response to odors of different chocolate products. Journal of Insect Behavior, Vol. 18, p. 363-380, 2005.

  • Queiroz, V.T.; Guimaraes, C.T.; Anhert, D.; Schuster, I.; Daher, R.T.; Pereira, M.G.; Miranda, V.R.M.; Loguercio, L.L.; Barros, E.G.; Moreira, M.A. Identification of a major QTL in cocoa (Theobroma cacao L.) associated with resistance to witches’ broom disease. Plant Breeding 122: 268-272, 2003.

  • Verstraeten, S.V.; Hammerstone, J.F.; Keen, C.L.; Fraga, C.G.; Oteiza, P.I . Antioxidant and membrane effects of procyanidin dimers and trimers isolated from peanut and cocoa. J. of agricultural and food chemistry. Vol. 53 (12), p. 5041-5048. 2005.

  • Anderson M.S. (Reprint); Grandstein, S. R. Impact of management intensity on non-vascular epiphyte diversity in cacao plantations in western Ecuador . Biodiversity and Conservation vol. 14 (5), p.1101-1120, 2005.

  • Ploetz R. C.; Schnell R. J.;Ying, Z.; Zheng, Q,; Olano, C.T.; Motamayor, J.C.; Johnson, E.S.Analysis of molecular diversity in Crinipellis perniciosa with AFLP markers. European J. Plant Pathol. Vol. 111, p.317-326, 2005.

  • Stark, T.; Bareuther, S.; Hofmann, T . Sensory-guided decomposition of roasted cocoa nibs (Theobroma cacao) and structure determination of taste-active polyphenols. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. Vol. 53 (13), p. 5407-5418.

  • Bonvehi, J.S. Investigation of aromatic compounds in roasted cocoa powder. Eur. Food Research and Technology, vol. 221, p. 19-29. 2005.

  • Bailey; B.A.; Bae, H.; Strem, M.D.; D.E. Mayolo, G.A.; Guiltinan, M.J.; Verica, J.A., Maximova, S.N.; Bowers, J. Developmental expression of stress response genes in Theobroma cacao leaves and their response to Nep1 treatment and a compatible infection by Phytophthora megakarya. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry, vol. 43, p611-622. 2005

  • Voelcker, O.J. Circa 1940 notes taken in Trinidad and Nigeria by O.J. Voelker, Senior Botanist. Contributed by Rob Lockwood (for more information:

  • Peabody, E. Fungal threats to cocoa share an ancient history. Agricultural Research vol. 53, p. 17. 2005. For other USDA Research articles:

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