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  • Nielsen, D. S.; Honholt, S.; Tano-Debrah, K.; Jespersen, L Yeast populations associated with Ghanaian cocoa fermentations analysed using denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE ). Vol. 22, p. 271-284, 2005.

  • Bailey, B. A.; Strem, M. D.; Bae, H. H.; Mayolo, G. A.; Guiltinan, M. J.Gene expression in leaves of Theobroma cacao in response to mechanical wounding, ethylene, and/or methyl jasmonate. Plant Science vol. 168, p. 1247-1258. 2005.

  • Pereira, A. R.; Cabezas, J. A. A new method for the preparation of 1,5-diynes. Synthesis of (4 E ,6 Z ,10 Z )-4,6,10-hexadecatrien-1-ol, the pheromone component of the cocoa pod borer moth Conopomorpha cramerella. Journal of Organic Chemistry. Vol. 70 (7), 2594-2597. 2005.

  • Silva, C.R. Sousa; Figueira, A . Phylogenetic analysis of Theobroma (Sterculiaceae) based on Kunitz-like trypsin inhibitor sequences. Plant Systematics and Evolution.Vol. 250 (issue 1-2), P. 93-104. 2005. Phylogenetic relationships among Theobroma and Herrania species.

  • Jespersen, L.; Nielsen, D.S.; Honholt, S.; Jakobsen, M . Occurrence and diversity of yeasts involved in fermentation of West African cocoa beans. FEMS Yeast Research. Vol. 5(4-5), P. 441-453.Feb.2005. (Int. Crop Man. 219KB).

  • Mars Inc. Research finds flavanols in cocoa may help treat diabetes, strokes, and dementia. Press Release 25 July, 2005 (see above).

  • Cilas, C; Muller, E.; Mississo, E. Occurrence of Cacao swollen shoot virus in Litimé, the Main Cocoa-Producing Area of Togo. Plant Disease Vol. 89, p. 913. 2005.

  • Johnston, J.J.Evaluation of cocoa- and coffee-derived methylxanthines as toxicants for the control of pest coyote. Journal of agricultural and food chemistry. Vol. 53, p. 4069-4075. 2005.

  • Luna, F.; Crouzillat, D.; Cirou, L. ;Bucheli, P.Chemical composition and flavor of Ecuadorian cocoa liquor. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Vol. 50, p 3527-3532, 2002.

  • Edwards, H.G.M.; Jorge Villar, S.E.; de Oliveira, L.F.C.; de Hyaric, M. Analytical Raman spectroscopic study of cacao seeds and their chemical extracts. Analytica Chimica Acta Vol.538, p. 175-180, 2005.

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