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  • Mommer, Liesje. The water relations in cacao (Theobroma cacao L.):Modelling root growth and evapotranspiration. [Thesis with extensive information on fertilizer and water relations on cacao in West Africa]. Wageningen Agricultural University, Department of Theoretical Production Ecology, The Netherlands.

  • Mfegue, C.V., Herail, C., Adreit, H., Mbenoun, M., Techou, Z., Ten Hoopen, M., Tharreau, D., Ducamp, M. Microsatellite markers for population studies of Phytophthora megakarya (Pythiaceae), a cacao pathogen in Africa. American Journal of Botany, August 29, 2012.

  • Menezes, S.P., Dos Santos, J.L., Cardoso, T.H., Pirovani, C.P., Micheli, F., Noronha, F.S., Alves, A.C., Faria, A.M., da Silva Gesteira, A. Evaluation of the allergenicity potential of TcPR-10 protein from Theobroma cacao. PLoS One. 2012;7(6):e37969. Epub 2012 Jun 29.

  • Lima, L.J.R., van der Velpen, V., Wolkers-Rooijackers, J., Kamphuis, H.J., Zwietering, M.H., Nouta, M.J.R. Microbiota Dynamics and Diversity at Different Stages of Industrial Processing of Cocoa Beans into Cocoa Powder. Appl. Environ. Microbiol., vol. 78(8):2904, 2012. DOI:10.1128/AEM.07691-11.

  • Kumari, R., Chaturvedi, P., Ansari, N.G., Murthy, R.C., Patel, D.K. Optimization and Validation of an Extraction Method for the Analysis of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydro-carbons in Chocolate Candies. Journal of Food Science, vol. 71, Nr. 1, 2012.

  • Khuda, S., Slate, A., Pereira, M., Al-Taher, F., Jackson, L., Diaz-Amigo, C., Bigley, E.C. 3rd, Whitaker, T., Williams, K. Effect of processing on recovery and variability associated with immunochemical analytical methods for multiple allergens in a single matrix: dark chocolate. J Agric Food Chem. 2012 May 2;60(17):4204-11. Epub 2012 Apr 18.

  • Haynes, J., Cuggage, F., Mercer, E., Sills, E. The Search for Value and Meaning in the Cocoa Supply Chain in Costa Rica. Sustainability, vol. 4, p. 1466-1487, 2012.

  • Djocgoue, P.F., Mbouobda, H.D., Boudejeko, P.O., Omokolo, D.N. Amino acids, carbohydrates and heritability of resistance in the Theobroma cacao/Phythophthora megakarya interaction. Phytopathol. Mediterr. 50, 370−383, 2011.

  • Bertolde, F.Z., Almeida, A.-A.F., Pirovani, C.P., Gomes, F.P., Ahnert, D., Baligar, V.C., Valle, R.R. Physiological and biochemical responses of Theobroma cacao L. genotypes to flooding. Photosynthetica, pp. 1-11, 2012. [Article in Press].

  • Agbor, R.B, Ekpol, I.A., Udofia, U.U., Okpakol, E.C., Ekanem, E.B. Potentials of cocoa pod husk and plantain peels in the degradation of total petroleum hydrocarbon content of crude oil polluted soil. Arch. Appl. Sci. Res., 2012, 4 (3):1372-1375.

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