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  • Wartenberg, A. C., W. J. Blaser, K. N. Janudianto, J. M. Roshetko, M. van Noordwijk, and J. Six. 2018. Farmer perceptions of plant–soil interactions can affect adoption of sustainable management practices in cocoa agroforests: a case study from Southeast Sulawesi. Ecology and Society 23(1):18.

  • Medina, V.; Meter, A.; Demers, N.; Laliberte, B. (2017) Review of the CFC/ICCO/Bioversity project on cacao germplasm evaluation (1998-2010). Rome, Italy: Bioversity International, 82 p. ISBN: 978-92-9255-077-6

  • Pucciarelli, D.L. Cocoa and heart health: A historical review of the science. Nutrients, vol. 5 (10), p. 3854-3870, 2013.

  • Scholey, A., Owen, L. Effect of chocolate on cognitive function and mood: a systematic review. Nutrition Reviews, vol. 71 (10), p. 665-681, 2013.

  • Salehan, N.M., Meon, S., Ismail, I.S. Antifungal activity of cosmos caudatus extracts against seven economically important plant pathogens. International J. Agric. Biol., vol. 15 (5), p. 864-870, 2013.

  • Yamada, M.M., Pires, J.L., Faleiro, F.G., Lopes, U.V., Macedo, M.M. Agronomic performance of 27 cocoa progenies and plant selection based on productivity, self-compatibility and disease resistance. Revista Ceres, vol. 60 (4), p. 514-518, 2013.

  • Yakala, G.K., Wielinga, P.Y., Suarez, M., Bunschoten, A., van Golde, J.M., Arola, L., Keijer, J., Kleemann, R., Kooistra, T., Heeringa, P. Effects of chocolate supplementation on metabolic and cardiovascular parameters in ApoE3L mice fed a high-cholesterol atherogenic diet. Mol. Nutr.Food Res. 2013 Aug 15. doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201200858. [Epub.]

  • Suzuki, K., Nakagawa, K., Miyazawa, T., Kato, S., Kimura, F., Kamei, M., Miyazawa, T. Oxidative stress during development of alcoholic fatty liver: therapeutic potential of cacao polyphenol. Biosci. Biotechnol. Biochem., vol. 77(8), p. 1792-4.

  • Souza, V.L., de Almeida, A.-A.F., de S. Souza, J., Mangabeira, P.A.O., de Jesus, R.M., Pirovani, C.P., Ahnert, D., Baligar, V.C., Loguercio, L.L. Altered physiology, cell structure, and gene expression of Theobroma cacao seedlings subjected to Cu toxicity. Environmental Science Pollution Research, 2013. DOI:10.1007/s11356-013-1983-4, Article in Press.

  • Soleimani, M., Dehghani, S., Mahdivand, A., Nematallahi, Z., Javdan, F., Abtin, A., Saffari, S. Effect of short term consumption of cocao on platelet factors (Plt, MPV, PDW) in male athletes following one session incremental exhaustive exercise. Internat. J. Spot Studies, vol. 3, p. 319-326, 2013.

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