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What our Members are saying about us:

  • “At 12Tree we develop large-scale cocoa projects always placing environmental and social sustainability first, while ensuring profitability for our clients. Joining WCF will allow us to be part of an organization that shares our core principles. 12Tree is an experienced German manager with a core commitment to profitability, sustainability and social impact. 12Tree is a proven leader for sustainable afforestation in the tropics. The operational strength results from own personnel on the ground. Our own management on the ground ensures that our sustainability criteria are being met. We aim to improve literacy amongst workers and their families. We create long-term, secure jobs. We are committed to the preservation of primary forests. We train local farmers to improve yield and quality of their own crops. The biological diversity of the clones we use lead to higher resistance against illnesses.”

  • “For Barry Callebaut, the WCF mission ideally complements our own research activities and sustainability initiatives with farmers as well as our long-time commitment to help ensure future supplies of cocoa, inspire modern young cocoa farmers, and improve the livelihoods of cocoa farming families. The WCF demonstrates how a unique forum combining expert knowledge, constructive dialogue and innovative action can drive positive change in cocoa farming communities around the globe. It proves the power of partnership.”

    Barry Callebaut

  • At Bean & Co, we aim to actualize our vision for sustainable, modern cocoa production throughout regions and social communities of immense, untapped agricultural potential. We strongly prioritize social progress and community development as central facets of our company vision; thus, we believe that joining the WCF is a key milestone in furthering the collective effort of creating a more sustainable and impactful cocoa market.

    Doron Retter

    , CEO

  • “As a founding member of the WCF, Blommer Chocolate has long believed that the best way to ensure a sustainable and robust cocoa community is through farmer education. In the WCF farmer field school programs, farmers are taught techniques that build lifelong skills in areas of quality improvement, increased production, safe farm practices, and marketing. These lessons provide a lasting benefit to the farmers, resulting in a sustainable livelihood for themselves and their families and make cocoa farming a viable choice for future generations.”

    Mr. Kip Walk

    , Director, Blommer Chocolate Company

  • “Utilizing novel and cost-effective technologies to optimize and maximize cocoa productivity, leading to higher incomes and living standards to farmers.”

    Ramon Georgis

    , PhD. Director-International Business

  • In developing Cacao Oro’s cocoa plantations, we feel it is our duty not only to rehabilitate already degraded land through active reforestation efforts under a sustainable agro-forestry model, but also to act as a last line of defense on the agricultural frontier to protect Nicaragua’s remaining rain forest preserves.

    John Warrington

    , President

  • “We have joined WCF in order to contribute to helping the people working in the cocoa growing industry with the long term goal of making the industry sustainable and free of child labour.”

    Mr. Niels Petersen

    , CEO, Carletti

  • “As a chocolate manufacturer, we need a reliable supply chain that delivers quality in a sustainable way.  CEMOI strongly believes that there is a strong link between improving sustainability and sharing experiences. World Cocoa Foundation is a good opportunity to do so. On our side we can bring our knowledge of improving sustainability in Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Sao Tome and Santo Domingo.”

    Mr. Tristan Borne

    , Cocoa and Chocolate Managing Director, CEMOI

  • “Many years of development work in tropical countries have taught me there are no simple answers to improving the lives of people in other countries and cultures..what we think may be a good solution may not be well received by those we are trying to help. I have gained a keen awareness of what works and what doesn’t work and I chose the World Cocoa Foundation because after careful review, I found they have a realistic and practical approach to improving the well-being of cocoa farmers.”

    Mr. Timothy Moley

    , Chocolove Founder, Owner and Chocolatier

  • “At Clif Bar & Company, we aspire to sustain people, communities and the planet as much as we sustain our business and brands. World Cocoa Foundation gives us an opportunity to do just that, in regions of the world that we could never affect alone. We are proud to help support cocoa farmers and their families through our WCF membership.”

    Ella Rosenbloom

    , Sustainable Food Systems Manager, Clif Bar & Company

  • “The opportunity to attend the October WCF Partnership Roundtable conference in Zurich really created a wonderful platform to learn so much about World Cocoa and the Sustainability programs. We at Cocoa Merchants company work with large groups of cocoa farmers who stand in need of good agricultural practices for better yields that will eventually enable them educate their children and also to provide sustainable livelihood for their community. And it is in this sense of acquiring such information and know-how that we seek to join WCF.”

    Nana Amo Adade Boamah

    , Managing Director, Cocoa Merchants Co, Gh. Ltd

  • Cocoanect aims for long-term dedicated supply chains with a true positive impact for farmer livelihoods. Together with our partners in origins, we set-up innovative programs to tackle socio-economic and environmental issues. In collaboration with WCF, we aim to further expand and diversify our sustainability activities with our cocoa farmers. 

    Arjen Thiescheffer

    , Director

  • “Pursuing the goal of cocoa sustainability is good business on every level: it is right for manufacturers and producers of chocolate and derivative products, whose livelihood depends upon future crops; it is right for customers, who are entitled to demand sustainable options; it is right for the environment, which by definition cannot be called upon to provide a limitless supply; it is right for governments, which must act as custodians and trustees of the public interest; and, at perhaps the most basic level, it is right for the farmers and others who work in agriculture and whose present and future interests cannot be safeguarded without sustainability”.

    Kristi Mehr

    , Director of Retail Operations

  • COFCAO, an agricultural company based in São Tomé & Principe and Congo (Sangha) that has made cocoa production its expertise. COFCAO’s vision through cocoa production is to promote technology transfer and work towards the establishment of agricultural value chains. Our reasons for joining WCF: Sharing a common vision on responsible and environmentally friendly agriculture, fighting against the use of harmful pesticides, fighting against child labor and finally generating a positive social impact on communities, particularly through the transfer of skills.

    Dean Peixoto

    , R&D and Quality Manager

  • “The cocoa value chain is equally important and attractive for the members of the plant science industry, represented by CropLife Africa Middle East, to demonstrate our strong commitment to stewardship, safety and quality produce. We are willing to contribute to the safe and sustainable use of good quality agricultural inputs in the cocoa crop. We are excited to join the network of the World Cocoa Foundation for the benefit of African cocoa farmers and their final customers, the chocolate consumers abroad.”

    Rudolf Guyer

    , CEO/Director General, CropLife Africa Middle East

  • “At CWT we align our business strategy towards sustainable development and social progress. We continue to positively impact our communities through the work we do and ongoing commitment to corporate responsibility.”

    Martin Versteeg

    , CEO, CWT Europe

  • “As a company with a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility, and a commitment to the future development of cocoa, we fully support the World Cocoa Foundation’s mission of promoting a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development. While promoting a sustainable cocoa economy is significant for the long term growth of the industry as a whole, we also share the Foundation’s view that it should be achieved in a responsible manner. We believe that as a facilitator for collaboration by the industry, the World Cocoa Foundation is the vehicle to create common goals for cocoa sustainability, which guide all of our efforts to achieve real impact on cocoa yields, farmer incomes and social conditions, resulting in a level of future cocoa availability that we all aspire to.”

    Marc Donaldson

    , Director, Cocoa Sustainability, Petra Foods Ltd.

  • Irresistible chocolates and coffees that combine flavor with health.

    We are the bridge that connects consumers to growers. We make unique Brazilian Dengos and share them with the world!

    Dengo promotes a network is small and mid-sized growers of quality cocoa and coffee who support conscious farming and consumption.

    Estevan Vercellino Sartoreli

    , CEO

  • “We, at Dependable, are proud to support the World Cocoa Foundation and its efforts to ensure sustainable cocoa production while protecting our environment and enhancing social, educational and economic development.”

    Harvey Weiner

    , President, Dependable Distribution Services

  • “Sustainability at Ecom means focusing on farm productivity, product quality, and in turn higher incomes. Our goal is for farmers to be able to produce more and better cocoa, and for cocoa farming to enable dignified and profitable livelihoods for generations to come.”

    Ecom Agroindustrial Corp. Ltd.

  • “The future of the cacao tree and the people who grow it and the role of the trade are intrinsically linked and we at General Cocoa are committed to the continued preservation of this culture of cocoa.”

    Ms. Emily Traub & Mr. Dan Diez

    , Traders, General Cocoa Company, A Division of Coffee America USA Corp

  • “The World Cocoa Foundation and its many partners show that a common purpose in approaching complex issues is the best way to benefit cocoa communities everywhere.”

    The Hershey Company

  • “Idilia Foods, as a Spanish manufacturer of leading brands cocoa products, wants to promote its commitment with consumers and cocoa sustainability by joining World Cocoa Foundation to contribute to implementation of best practices at cocoa farming. We consider World Cocoa Foundation as a referent program to improve better cocoa production conditions including: farmers’ incomes, social conditions, environmental impact and elimination of abusive child labor practices, among others.”

    Raúl Martínez

    , Quality Manager

  • “Indcresa is a Family owned Company founded in 1914. Our slogan is: “We have the secret to produce million of smiles”. Our commitment has always been satisfy Cocoa Consumers, we want to take now a step forward: contribute to improve working conditions in Cocoa-growing Communities and participate in sustainability programs. A perfect World is a dream, but a better World is possible if we work together with organizations such as World Cocoa Foundation.”

    Mr. Crehuet


  • “As a trading company, we have imported cocoa and cocoa products to Japan for a long time. We would like to support and share our thoughts with members of the World Cocoa Foundation about the sustainability of the cocoa sector and help to spread activities for social development into the future.”

    ITOCHU Food Sales and Marketing Co., Ltd.

  • “JB Cocoa, as a cocoa grinder, would like to integrate our commitment towards cocoa sustainability in addressing the social, environmental, and economic challenged at the farm level.”

    Mr. Tey How Keong

    , Managing Director

  • As a leading cocoa farmer cooperative, our main objective has always been the promotion of environmentally sustainable cocoa and farmers’ empowerment to improve the livelihoods of farmers, their families and communities. This objective is in consonance with the vision and the strategic priorities of WCF which therefore creates a good platform for a partnership aimed at promoting sustainable cocoa production. We at Kuapa Kokoo believe that, the effective implementation of the strategic priorities of WCF can only be possible if we farmers are on board and deeply involved, that is why we are joining WCF.

    Madam Fatima Ali

    , National President

  • “As a Swiss family owned chocolate manufacturer, we respect and value all our partners and suppliers and consider them as members of the Läderach chocolate family. Our new chocolate factory allows us to now produce chocolate ourselves. We are therefore able to ensure premium quality and to take over responsibility starting from the cocoa bean. This brings us in direct contact with cocoa suppliers and farmers, making them part of our family. By joining WCF, we believe we can increase our knowledge in the field of sustainable cocoa production and join forces with other foundation members. This will allow us not only to learn from existing projects, but also to participate in them and to start our own sustainability initiatives in the future.”

    Juerg Laederach

  • Manobi’s Africa Cocoa Village, that can safely connect millions of cocoa producers and consumers worldwide, pioneers the phygitalization of the cocoa value chain to secure global sustainability, transparency, and honorable sourcing of the smart foods of tomorrow. 

    Daniel Annerose

    , CEO and Founder

  • “We at the Manufacturing Confectioner are very proud to support the World Cocoa Foundation in the work it does on behalf of the millions of small family farms that grow cocoa around the world. The global confectionery and chocolate industry is made up of family companies large and small. We are particularly sensitive to the contribution that small businesses make to this industry. The efforts of the WCF are both significant and sustainable as they help cocoa farmers to battle disease, improve farming practices and meet other day-to-day challenges. It is this commitment to helping cocoa farming families through a hands-on, practical approach that most impresses us about the WCF. “

    Mr. Michael Allured

    , Publisher, MC Publishing

  • “We have decided to join WCF because we understand and support WCF’s mission to promote a sustainable cocoa economy. We are willing to play a role in helping cocoa farming families through WCF programs, and we hope to show our dedication to a shared future with shared benefits throughout the cocoa supply chain.” 

    Mr. Yoshinori Doi

    , Manager of Technology Department, Meiji Co., Ltd.

  • “WCF’s mission to promote a sustainable cocoa economy through economic and social development and environmental conservation in cocoa-growing communities is the same as our vision. We are honored to join their activities to support cocoa farmers and their families especially children who should have educational opportunities. “

    Mr. Gota Morinaga

    , Chairman of the Board

  • With our cocoa and chocolate heritage spreading over more than 80 years and now well into the third generation of its founding family, Nederland S.A. is committed to responsible cocoa sourcing. The decision to join the WCF underlines this belief and helps to continue our work towards a strong and sustainable cocoa community for the future.

    Mario Snellenberg

    , Commercial Director, Nederland S.A.

  • “Nestlé works with many public and private partners in the development and implementation of sustainable agriculture. This includes collaborations on quality and safety of produce; the well-being of rural communities; animal welfare; and measures to conserve soil, water, air, energy and biodiversity. To this end, Nestlé is a founding partner of both the World Cocoa Foundation and the Sustainable Agriculture Initiative (SAI-Platform). Nestlé sponsors the WCF so that its farmer-centric approach can help bring sustainable prosperity to cocoa farmers and their communities throughout the world.”

    Dr. Clive Barnes

    , Assistant Vice President - R&D Knowledge and GLA Management of Nestlé

  • Sustainability of our cocoa and livelihoods of farmers and their families remains one of our key priorities at Ovaltine and collaboration with the rest of the industry is key to achieve this. We are delighted to join the WCF and to be working with like-minded industry leaders on these issues.

    Céline Gilart

    , Head of Social Impact

  • “We believe that people will attach more and more importance to the quality of their food in the future, including the environmental and social footprint. For Belcolade and our other chocolate brands the WCF can make a difference in ensuring the development of a more sustainable cocoa industry.”

    Mr. Daniel Malcorps

    , CEO, Puratos

  • “Purdy’s Chocolates is passionate about improving the expertise of cocoa farmers, thereby improving the welfare of cocoa farming families, and thereby improving the opportunity to bring about a more open market system for the farmers. Purdy’s believes more progress can be made by actively working with other organizations to have the greatest impact for positive change.  Purdy’s is proud to be a member of World Cocoa Foundation, and to support their great efforts to make a difference in the world of cocoa farming.”

    Ms. Karen Flavelle

    , President, Purdy’s Chocolates

  • “People, Nature and Market in Harmony.”

    Mr. Massimiliano Wax

    , Director, Rizek Cacao C. Por A.

  • “Rocky Mountain (Canada) is committed to doing its part in ensuring a sustainable cocoa crop for the future. This can only be accomplished by involving the cocoa farming communities and providing change directly to them. The World Cocoa Foundation has proven itself in enabling change by involving the chocolate industry and the affected communities. We believe that this approach is most likely to succeed and that is why we are proud to have our retail locations across Canada participating with this organization.”

    Mr. Brian Kerzner

    , Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory (Canada)

  • “The synergy that comes from the literal combining of all walks of life for the common benefit and welfare of the earth and all humanity can be found in few endeavors that are as far reaching and life giving as the vital trade of cocoa. The World Cocoa Foundation serves as the bridge builder.”

    Niel Campbell

    , President, Seattle Chocolate Company

  • SIAT, through its Biotech subsidiary Deroose Plants (DRP), is active in the production of high-value planting material through tissue-culture and cloning for tree-crops, including cocoa and very interested to collaborate with WCF and all its stakeholders, to contribute to the scaling-up efforts for large-scale production of planting material, obtained through different processes and modalities, including large-scale nurseries, hardening green-houses, tissue culture with somatic embryogenesis, gene editing, etc.  At this stage, we could describe ourselves as a small scale value chain member, positioned “very upstream” of the cocoa value-chain as inputs provider. We believe that combining our Biotech expertise with the SIAT group’s core-business (plantations, smallholder farming, and agro-processing skills) would widen the scope of WCF’s capacity to offer solutions to the cocoa sector world-wide.  

    Pierre Vandebeeck

    , Chairman/CEO

  • “TCHO is committed to building value for cocoa farmers through quality and innovation. Our TCHOSource programs partner with farmers through long-term relationships to build and share technology and knowledge around flavor as a principal driver of value and sustainable cocoa economies.”

    John Kehoe

    , Vice President Sourcing & Development, TCHO

  • “Tradin Organic Agriculture supports WCF by trading and processing only certified cocoa, be it organic, Fairtrade or Rain Forest Alliance certified.  We work with our supply partners to increase the amount of certified cocoa to the marketplace and with our customers to grow their business with quality cocoa products and consistent supply.”

    Tradin Organic Agriculture

  • “Tree Global is establishing a network of cocoa tree nurseries in West Africa through which we will supply smallholder farmers with high performance cocoa seedlings. By supplying farmers with seedlings that achieve high survival rates, early first yield and improved yields per hectare, we aim to help farmers to increase their incomes, reduce their vulnerability and be secure to make a long-term commitment to cocoa farming.”


    Gregory Hess

    , CEO, Tree Global Inc.

  • “We believe that developing and empowering the cocoa chain from farm to factory will result to a considerably improved standard of living and future for cocoa farmers, and an increased and sustainable cocoa supply to industry.”

    Simon Conway-Jarrett

    , Managing Director, Tulip Cocoa Processing Limited

  • “Valrhona has built part of his success working directly with many producers of fine cocoa beans. Meanwhile, we learnt that the cocoa sustainability is one of the big challenges to take up. That is why we are very proud and very excited to become a member of the World Cocoa Foundation. Thank you for receiving us among you. At our scale and keeping our specificity, we hope that we will contribute efficiently to this international workshop for a sustainable cocoa culture.”

    Jean Luc Grisot

    , Directeur général de Valrhona SAS

  • Founded in 1896, Whittaker’s is unique as the only major chocolate manufacturer in New Zealand that ensures quality by controlling the entire manufacturing process – from bean to bar. With our commitment to quality, Whittaker’s sources only the best ingredients, including cocoa beans from Ghana. We fully support the role the WCF plays in promoting social responsibility in the cocoa industry – from safeguarding future supply by fostering sustainable agricultural and environmental practices, to helping ensure growers, their families and their communities are healthy and educated. As a family-owned company that plays an active role in our local community, we take social responsibility very seriously and are proud to be a member of the WCF.


    Matt Whittaker

    , Head of International Markets

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