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WCF membership is open to manufacturers and cocoa processors, supply chain managers, ports, allied industries and trade associations.

WCF Member Benefits

As a result of their financial support, technical expertise and active involvement, World Cocoa Foundation member companies enjoy the following benefits:

  • Be globally recognized – through the posting of your company logo on WCF’s website and in WCF publications and by the right granted to members to utilize WCF’s logo on company website(s) – as a dedicated supporter of cocoa farmers and families worldwide and a proud participant in the effort to ensure a long-term supply of sustainable, high quality cocoa.
  • Network with the unique global grouping that is WCF’s membership: branded manufacturers and processors, small artisanal makers of chocolate, supply chain managers, cocoa trading companies, ports authorities and allied industries.
  • Leverage company resources by joining with other WCF members and development agencies to increase the impact of cocoa sustainability programs.
  • Utilize professional staff resources at WCF to assist your company in addressing communications/media issues related to cocoa sustainability. This may include supporting your efforts to tailor your own corporate message(s) about sustainable cocoa and providing you with suggested responses containing accurate and up-to-date information.   
  • Stay informed with breaking news about cocoa sustainability, and other major topics for the chocolate and cocoa sector, by receiving WCF’s weekly electronic news summaries sourced from dozens of media outlets around the world and assembled by WCF staff.
  • Engage with WCF’s global network of cocoa sustainability experts and practitioners, including at WCF’s offices in Abidjan (Côte d’Ivoire), Accra (Ghana), and Washington, D.C., as well as others around the world.
  • Take advantage of discounted registration fees for WCF’s annual Partnership Meeting, which convenes development agencies, industry members, producing country governments, research institutes and NGOs. The Meeting explores a range of topics and issues of importance to cocoa sustainability.
  • Attend WCF Membership Assembly Meetings, during which members help determine the foundation’s vision and strategic direction, and receive progress reports on WCF sustainability programs in cocoa-producing regions.
  • Participate in steering committee meetings for WCF’s flagship programs in West Africa, as well as a range of other membership based committees focused on research, communications, program impact (M&E) and the cocoa-producing regions of West Africa, Latin America and Asia.
  • Receive WCF’s monthly electronic newsletter, which provides current information on activities of WCF and its member companies, as well as highlights from WCF cocoa sustainability programs.

For more information on becoming a member of the World Cocoa Foundation, please contact Tim McCoy: or +1 202 737 7870.

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