CocoaAction Resources

Launched in May 2016, the following documents serve as a resource to understand CocoaAction’s current goals, tactics and overall strategy. 

The CocoaAction 5-Year Roadmap is an effort to provide a long-term strategy balanced with the guidance required for near-term implementation. The document is not intended to be an exhaustive and complex list of all detailed activities. Instead, it is intended to provide those directly and indirectly involved with CocoaAction with an overview of the critical path and main moving parts of CocoaAction, and how these moving parts fit together to lead to CocoaAction being successful.

The CocoaAction Primer provides an overview of decisions and developments leading to CocoaAction today. It is an evolving document that is intended to provide the reader with a clear, high-level overview of what CocoaAction is, what it does, and what it aims to achieve. The document is intended for both CocoaAction companies and WCF staff, as well as any interested stakeholders such as governments, implementing partners, general public, and other cocoa industry members. 

The Community Development Manual is an implementation manual which lays out the different components of the CocoaAction Community Development package – including both detailed information on the interventions and connections to related and broader elements. The manual is intended for use by CocoaAction companies and their implementing partners.

The Monitoring & Evaluation Guide is designed to direct and clarify the processes that need to be established in order to produce data as consistent as possible across CocoaAction.  The intended audience of the guide is CocoaAction company staff responsible for data collection, information management and/ or reporting functions.