CocoaAction Farmer Economic Model Gauges Farm Performance Over 15 Years.

The Farmer Economic Model, jointly developed by WCF and NewForesight, provides answers to two important questions: What constitutes a viable farm economy for cocoa farmers? What is the expected impact of farm-level interventions, such as good agricultural practices, on the farmer’s business?

Farmer Economic Model

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The Farmer Economic Model Key allows users to set a variety of farm-level variables and predict the agronomic and economic impact of those interventions on an individual farm’s business case 15 years into the future. It was independently assessed and recommended for the investigation of cocoa farm development by the chair of Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

The model helps educate stakeholders who seek to understand the influence of farm-level interventions and derive strategic insights to plan farm-level interventions. Other possible uses include: educating decision makers, extension agents, or farmers on the basics of cocoa farm economics; testing theories of change for program management; informing farm developmental objectives and targets for program management; and collaborating with other modeling initiatives.

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