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About WCF

Founded in 2000, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) is an international organization committed to ensuring cocoa sustainability through agricultural & environmental stewardship, and development.

  • History & Mission

    The World Cocoa Foundation promotes a sustainable cocoa economy through economic, social and environmental development in cocoa-growing communities.

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  • CocoaAction

    CocoaAction is a commitment by cocoa and chocolate companies and producing country governments to work together toward a truly sustainable cocoa industry.

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  • Members

    Members operate from six continents, representing 80 percent of the global cocoa and chocolate market, and provide a uniquely informed perspective on the interconnected nature and needs of the cocoa industry.

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  • Partners

    WCF works closely with cocoa-producing country governments at the national and local levels and also with farmer organizations.

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  • Officers and Staff

    WCF officers and staff provide leadership for the organization and are based in North America, Europe, and West Africa.

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  • Contact

    Key contacts at the World Cocoa Foundation.

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